5 Tips For Buying The Perfect Bra This Valentine’s Day

Michelle Lam
Michelle Lam

Photo Credit: Courtesy True & Co.

Who can’t use tips for shopping for a bra, especially now with the sexiest time of the year—Valentine’s Day—upon us? We figured most of you could, which is why we called up on Michelle Lam, founder and CEO of True & Co., the online, personal intimate apparel retailer that is completely revolutionizing the way bras are shopped for, designed, engineered and lived in, for advice. Not only has she created and curated an amazing lingerie selection for both you and your valentine but she makes shopping easy through True & Co.’s innovative and proprietary “Fit Quiz,” a five minute quiz that considers all of the aspects of bra fit – band width, cup size, and breast shape, then leading women to a Personal Shop filled with lingerie specially selected to fit and flatter each individual’s unique shape. Once the quiz is complete, voilà!—an entire shop with gorgeous options, both perfect for your shape, and perfect for the holiday.

5 Tips For Buying The Perfect Bra

1) Flatter your breast shape
Pick what looks great on you, not what looks good on the rack. Shallower breast shapes do well with a plunging bra silhouette while fuller, rounder breast shapes can carry off details like an extra strap or more details at the top of the cup. One silhouette to try is the balconette, which flatters most shapes, but make sure you pick a shallower balconette if you do you have a shallow cup.

2) A pushup is not always the sexiest option
Pushups, by their very design, do not conform to your body. This means when you move, the foam pushup pad will pull away and you will see a gape at the top of the breast – a very unsexy look. So back away (slowly!) from the push-up and try an unlined cup that’s been sewn to follow your curves.

3) Black lace is always a classic but you can have fun with other colors too.
Candy colors are some of our new favorites this season, reflecting fashion’s colors of the year. And don’t forget that white is beautiful and fresh in lace. If you decide to go with black, go bold with a cutout style.

4) When the bra fits well, you look even better.
Oh, it’s only for V-Day, we all think – no need to get lingerie that fits as well as my everyday bra. Guess what? A well-fitting bra makes you look your very best – shaping and lifting your curves for maximum effect. Invest in bras that fit, no matter what the occasion.

5) The perfect Valentine’s Day bra is comfortable *and* sexy to look at
It’s hard to enjoy your night when your bra is beautiful but painful after 5 min of wear. Stay away from itchy lace.. If the lace is lined on the inside with soft mesh, the bra will be much more comfortable. Even if you don’t plan to wear the bra all day, double check that the underwire doesn’t squeeze the side of your breast or come up too high on your sternum – those wires will hurt!