Why You Should Trade Your Roses for Rosé With Vranken’s Demoiselle

Trade your roses for rosé this Valentine’s Day with Vranken’s delicious Demoiselle. Gentle, fresh and elegant, this exclusive rosé is drinkable luxury. Rich yet light and with a smooth slightly-sweet taste, the cuvée is a champagne fit for any grand occasion or declaration of love. Modernly feminine in its design and flavor but not overly sweet, the Demoiselle Rosé is a predominantly chardonnay blend. Made from grapes selected exclusively from Premier and Grand Cru vineyards, this champagne is one of true finesse and romantic aromatic complexity.

DEMOISELLE-ROSEA timeline of the Vranken house:

  • 1976: Founding of the Vranken Champagne house
  • 1978: Creation of the Vranken taste, with the removal of Cognac from the blends, resulting in an aperitif Champagne
  • 1985: Creation of Demoiselle of Vranken, the first shaped bottle, and acquisition of the Château des Castaignes, built on a place called «Les Demoiselles»
  • 2004: Start of renovation works of Villa Demoiselle, an Art Nouveau masterpiece and head office of Champagnes Vranken
  • 2005: Launch of Cuvée Diamant, a unique faceted extra white bottle cut like a diamond
  • 2009: Inauguration of the fully renovated Villa Demoiselle
  • 2015: Vranken celebrates Demoiselle 30th anniversary, the XXth century biggest success in Champagne
  • 2016: Vranken will celebrate its 40th anniversary of Creation

DEM Rose GAMME HDA Family-owned group founded by Paul-François Vranken in 1976, the Vranken Pommery Monopole vineyard has become the largest in all of Europe and the second largest champagne producer in the world. With an international presence in more than 100 countries, 4 champagne Houses (Vranken, Pommery, Heidsieck Monopole and Charles Lafitte) and 5 estates and Chateaux (Domaine Royal de Jarras, Chateau La Gordonne, Terras do Grifo, Rozes and Sao Pedro) the Vranken group is the leading expert when it comes to rosé, and a perfect choice for our V-Day dinner.


This Valentine’s Day, Vranken is forming a collaboration with Polux Fleuriste and offering a flower bouquet with the purchase of a Demoiselle bottle from their website! The company will also be collaborating with various Manhattan liquor stores so that when you buy a bottle of Demoiselle for your other half, you also receive a rose. Last but not least, half a bottle of Demoiselle will be included in the V-Day prix-fixe menus of: The Four Seasons Restaurant, Nello, Nobu 57, Bespoke Kitchen, O’Cabanon Jules Bistro, Cercle Rouge, La Gamelle, Casimir & Co and Paris Bistro. Could it get any better than this? We think not.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Haute Living!