What Is In NYC’s $100 Donut?

via @ManilaSocialClub Instagram
via @ManilaSocialClub Instagram

One hundred dollar’s in 2016 can buy you theatre tickets, a massage at a lux spa… or a single donut at the Manila Social Club in Williamsburg. It’s safe to say the trendy Filipino restaurant is kicking off the New Year with confidence in their culinary feats.

Manila Social Club credits the steep $100 price tag ($1,200 for a dozen) to the donut’s solid-gold coating and Cristal Champagne icing. You read right; this donut is literally covered in 24-karat gold. The ambitious eatery has dubbed their new treat “The Golden Cristal Ube Donut” due to its ube mousse and champagne jelly filling.

Bjorn Delacruz, the man behind the Manila Social Club tells Forbes, “It’s always the case that somebody is buying this for somebody special.”

In response to the controversial reaction the pricey donut is receiving, Delacruz tells Forbes, “The people who with the negative comments … I don’t know if they’re projecting, or maybe they don’t ever want to give something special to anybody.”

So is the juice worth squeeze? There are 100 ways to answer that question, but think of it this way. For whatever it is that you prefer, whether you’re a sushi lover, wine connoisseur or pizza person, the difference in quality between an inexpensive version and a more expensive one is usually very pertinent. The cost of sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients usually results in an increased cost for the customer. Delacruz’s donut is no different. For those who truly appreciate sweets and treats, the $100 price point can be justified by the detail put into every “Golden Cristal Ube Donut.” Each one is made by hand using only the best and priciest ingredients.

We say if you’re an aficionado for the finer things in life, with a little extra cash to spend, we don’t see why not!

Here are five other things you could buy with that $100 bill:

  1. Tickets to a Knicks Game
  2. A bottle of Veuve Clicqout: $98
  3. A 30-minute Swedish Massage at Oasis Day Spa: $85
  4. Tickets to Broadway hit The Book Of Mormon: $99
  5. A cool tank from Rag & Bone: $95

Whatever makes you happy: Priceless.

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