Keep It Clean: Five Tips for a Daily Detox


Although the holiday season is behind us, ‘tis the season for making, breaking, and following up on New Years resolutions, and for indulging in the fabulous food and wine of the new year. While we all strive to improve our bodies, our personal lives, and our careers in 2016, it is easy to forget that some of the best and biggest changes that we can make come from small alterations in our daily routines. Beauty, fitness, and medical professionals know that consistency is key, when we are building the bodies and the health-supportive habits that we will thank ourselves for in the years to come. Your health should be a priority, but your health-supportive habits do not need to overshadow your other goals and resolutions of 2016, nor should they prevent you from indulging in the finer things in life.

Challenge yourself to start your day with a warm drink of lemon water, include a serving of dark leafy greens with your lunch, fit a thirty minute sweat session into your afternoon, take a five minute yoga break at any time of the day, and cultivate healthy sleep patterns to ensure that you get your beauty sleep every night. These five daily detox habits will boost your immune system, combat health conditions and diseases, boost your mood, give you more energy, and keep your skin glowing this winter season. They are both manageable enough to fit into our busy schedules, and potent enough to get our bodies off to the right start in achieving our health and fitness goals of this new year. Your body will thank you, giving you more time and energy to devote to your other greatest achievements of 2016. Your health is your wealth, and make sure to make every day count.