Haute Secrets Dallas: Kyle Hilla, Liquid Architect Extraordinaire

Kyle Hilla is The Theodore's Liquid Architect extraordinaire.
Kyle Hilla is The Theodore’s Liquid Architect extraordinaire.

Photo Credit: Kyle Hilla

We’ve talked about one of our favorite restaurants, The Theodore in North Park, before but recently Haute Living had the opportunity to catch up with Kyle Hilla, the “Liquid Architect” at The Theodore. We chatted a little about his background and then asked him for his inside view of Dallas.

When we asked how he’d gotten started he was quick to reply.

“I (Like most Jedi’s) was fortunate enough to start my career behind the bar under some great talent and leadership. I was able to work with Eddie “Lucky” Campbell who has been a driving force for the cocktail community here in Dallas. I was waiting tables at Bolsa (A farm to table restaurant in Oak Cliff) where Eddie basically forced me to bartend. To this day he will claim that he saw something in me but I think he just needed some help, lol. While working at Bolsa I was also able to work with the nationally acclaimed Bartender Jason Kosmas. At the time I had know idea what big deal it was to learn from him (seeing as he is so humble), but Jason is by far one of the most accomplished people I have ever met. So you can say I was at the right place at the right time. After working for them I took over the bar at Bolsa and found my own voice behind the bar. I really wanted to build on top of the seasonal menu by working very close with local farmers. I managed to run that program for about 5 years until my owners offered me a chance to run the program at The Theodore. Even though I ran my own program at Bolsa I thought this would be a great chance to start a program from scratch and really build a foundation. Now I just can’t wait to see what comes of that. ”

We can’t wait, either.

Where where you born: Greensboro, North Carolina but I moved to Dallas when I was about a year old. So I consider myself a true Texan.

Neighborhood: Oak Cliff

Occupation: I am the Liquid Architect at The Theodore

Best sushi: Tei-an

Best Lunch: It would have to be a burger at Maple and Motor

Best Steak: I’m pretty biased to our Beef Wellington at The Theodore. You can’t really find that around town.but I would say the Eisenhower Steak at Smoke in Plano is the way to go. It is a giant beef rib that they cook right on top of the wood coals.

Best local product: Red Caboose winery here in Texas makes this amazing Tawny style Port called “Some of that Red”. Its a great finish to any meal.

Go to comfort food: For comfort food, nothing beats my mom’s house. She lives in Oak Cliff as well, so I’m never too far away.

Best coffee: Best coffee has to be Davis street espresso. Try the Van Buren

Best pizza: Homerun Pizza. Another Oak Cliff local joint. but they have the best crust.

Best spot for people watching: I found out recently that it’s the food court at North Park Center.

Best spot for a romantic dinner: For a romantic dinner my wife and i like to go to Tei Tei. Must be that robata shelfful.

Best place to relax: To relax you must try king spa.

Best cocktail ingredient: The best cocktail ingredient is green coriander. when you can get a hold of it.