Find Out What’s Haute About Belsta Art & Events


Art is one of the most celebrated industries in the world. However even with so many artists, exhibitions, and openings to celebrate, very few have perfected the art of throwing a haute event. One of these exceptional few is Belsta Art & Events.

Andreea Belba and Cosmina Stan have combined their talents to curate refined art events around the world. Belba’s masters degree in contemporary art, and Stan’s in events management, kickstarted their future of success in these fields. It was then their ability to create close relationships with clients that took Belsta Art & Events to the next level.

Their first show, hosted by a high-end Japanese restaurant in Belgravia, showcased the work of an Eastern European artist. This flare for connecting artists, collectors, and aficionados internationally has become essential to the Belsta brand. They are now responsible for creating personalized art events for their network of clients in cities across the globe.

Their clientele consists of over 2,000 haute collectors, all of whom are eager to see which artist Belsta will spotlight next. A keen eye for curating events that are truly representative of an artist has helped Belsta ignite the conversation between the collector and the artists’ work. From choosing breath-taking locations with a unique upmarket feel and creating a dramatic and exciting atmosphere, Belsta has perfected the art of events.

While Belsta currently represents artists from a large number of varied nationalities, they have major plans to expand their repertoire. Belba and Stan have their eyes on Asia for the future. This expansion, as well as their artist incubator program, will further solidify their status as one of the top art and events agencies. Belsta’s incubator program will provide artists’ with studios, allowing them to concentrate on their craft without the financial burdens that often plague their work.

With all of their success, Belba and Stan have opened their hearts to launch a philanthropic aspect to the brand. Belsta gives 2% of their entire revenue to charities for HIV and AIDS orphans and disabled children. It doesn’t stop there! The two charitable art and event experts host haute charity auctions, and even encourage collectors to donate part of their proceeds to good causes.

The art world in 2016 is an extremely exciting place to be. With extreme growth and reach, there is no telling what new markets Belsta could tap into. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Cosmina Stan and Andreea Belba