Enjoy the World’s Most Expensive Chocolate for $14K


Is your love of chocolate worth $14,000? Ross Limited founder Adilkhan Sartayev is betting on it —which is why he’s selling gold-encrusted chocolate for said eyebrow-raising amount.

The choccies are definitely a work of art. You’ll find six pieces of chocolates presented in a carefully faceted sphere of absolutely pure volcanic glass. Each piece of chocolate symbolizes the natural elements such as representing geometrically the so-called Platonic solids which is the most basic of regular polyhedral, a tetrahedron is for fire, an octahedron is for air, a cube is for earth, an icosahedron is for water, a dodecahedron is for ether, and a scope is for vacuum. The gift is encrusted with gold of the 585th test.

Even better, there’s a Hollywood angle here. The collection was inspired by three vintage-Hollywood-era beauties: Vivien Leigh, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Sartayev is planning to send special presents (a.k.a. a set apiece) to the museums and studios where each of the renowned actresses worked. Said the founder in a statement, “These three superstars throughout their lives showed us an example of creating an absolute beauty. This is our value, and that is why we dedicate our gifts for them. The whole scheme of our brand is designed in accordance with the “divine proportion”, the golden section. Great artists and the creators of history have used the ratio of the “golden section”. Every detail is absolutely essential for us, as we want to make the best chocolate in the world.”

While the Hollywood element exists, modern-day buyers will also feel special purchasing the chocolates, given that they’re completely bespoke gifts. Each person who purchases will have his or her own star on the brand’s website, as well as a unique number. No more than a thousand of each collection will be created, making this an exclusive and quite unique item.

“Exclusive” and “unique” are definitely what the gift set would need to be, especially given that each piece of chocolate roughly costs $2333. Just saying, you better really love that piece of chocolate!