Haute Item: Tom Ford’s 50-Piece Lips & Boys Lipstick Collection

1961884Photo Credit: Tom Ford

Tom Ford has created the ultimate stocking stuffer this holiday season, and if you’re a gal who loves a) beauty b) boys and c) luxury, you’re going to love his 50-piece Lips & Boys lipstick collection.

Though the price tag might seem daunting for some at $1,950, it’s actually a pretty good deal: the breakdown here is that each lipstick in the set costs $35—substantially less than the typical price of $52 apiece should you buy the shades individually.

And let us tell you—Ford’s lippies are absolutely lovely to wear. You’ve got a wide selection of shades here, including 25 new shades and 25 Ford favorites, from pale pink (a la one of Pantone’s two colors of the years, Rose Quartz) to metallic violets, reds and corals to gorgeous neutrals.

Each lipstick is made of soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, creating an ultra-creamy texture and a smooth application. Essentially, they go on like a dream.

You’ll also have fun guessing which boys the different shades are named after, all of whom are important men in Ford’s life. Is Jude, a metallic, space-agey pink named after Jude Law? Is Ansel, a flirty, bright pink named after Divergent star Ansel Elgort or Theo, a metallic violet, after his co-star Theo James?

Our pick for a festive holiday shade is the bold, in-your-face Roberto (a new boy): a glossy, sexy red that just screams “mistletoe.”

For the “returning boys,” we’re still sold on Rafael—a “coral” shade that’s also merry and bright—a glossy red with undertones of orange.

If only we could find the “David” (which we believe must be named after People’s Sexiest Man Alive David Beckham), a shimmering neutral gold and his namesake underneath our tree this holiday season, life really would be just about perfect.