Lagerfeld Goes to Rome for Chanel’s Latest Fashion Show

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It’s not an overstatement to say that Karl Lagerfeld is a prolific designer, filmmaker and photographer, and December’s pre-fall fashion show (officially called Metiers d’ Art), held in the iconic Cinecitta studio in Rome, is proof  that creativity improves with age.

Season after season Chanel’s fashion shows explore a particular theme with an all-out extravagance in terms of the set and the setting. It’s become Chanel’s norm for shows to take place all over the globe in their mission to spread the gospel of Chanel—not that they need to scream at all—devotees already pray at their altar. Chanel is one of the top selling brands for luxury emporiums and retailers— the reason they can indulge in lavish presentations.

The theme of this Roman happening was French and Italian cinemas, set in the studio that Federico Fellini created many of his films. The stage was set on well-worn streets of Rome with authentic shops on corners with the fashion crowd viewing from cafe tables. Details like pools of curb water from a recent rain, added to the reality of the production as models strolled through hidden back roads of the ancient city with 1960’s hair.

There were 86 looks—an incredibly prolific display of creative prowess for the designer (most fashion shows have 40 to 50 passages).The clothing was not overshadowed by the spectacular sets or the gorgeous models and was some of Lagerfeld’s best. There were Chanel classics like tweedy suits made sexy and modern with lacy hosiery. Patent leather pencil skirts, pared with simple silk shells and heeled mules. Handbags were fashioned into a film cameras and the use of intricate French lace were stand-outs. Sorry but you’ll have to wait until June to buy anything—so hang in there.

Guests enjoyed a cocktail party prior to the start of the show with a viewing of Karl Lagerfeld’s new short film starring Kristen Stewart and Geraldine Chaplin. After the show, the shops and cafes bustled to life with cocktails and canapes for all to enjoy. Performances from DJ Paolo di Nola and Pachanga Boys concluded the evening’s festivities.

Chanel ambassadresses Kristen Stewart, Anna Mouglalis and Zhou Xun; actresses Rooney Mara, Geraldine Chaplin, Clotilde Hesme, Ludivine Sagnier, Kasia Smutniak, Alessandra Mastronardi, Valeria Bilello, Matilde Gioli and HRH The Princess of Hanover attended the event.