Last Chance For Truffles At Cipriani!


While we are all in anticipation for the holidays, there is a very special season we are leaving behind. Did you already forget about truffle season? Not to fret, you still have a whole week to revel in white truffle heaven at Cipriani.

This haute Cipriani location has become the go-to spot for truffle seekers in the UAE. Here you can enjoy their ‘Truffle Season Menu’ against the backdrop of the beautiful Yas Marina. The world-renowned location is famous for their seamless service, lavish décor and of course,incredible eats. So while you sip on your signature Cipriani Bellini and enjoy a Fresh Burrata with White Truffle, you won’t have a worry in the world.

For the rest of the week until November 21st you can savor the last of their over-the-top amazing truffle creations. Risotto with White Truffle, Carpaccio with White Truffle, Wagyu rib-eye steak with White Truffle, and so much more make guest-star appearances on this seasonal menu. After all, how often are you given an excuse to indulge in a fully truffle menu?

Without further-to-do here is the full-on menu you can’t miss out on!


Steak tartare alla Cipriani with White Truffle
Carpaccio with White Truffle
Fresh Burrata (300g) with White Truffle
Tuna “scottato” with White Truffle
“Baccalà mantecato” with White Truffle

Middle Course
Homemade Tagliolini with White Truffle
Risotto with White Truffle
Uovo in Raviolo with White Truffle
Homemade Tagliardi with egg yolk and White Truffle

Main Course
Scrambled eggs with White Truffle and croutons
Veal Piccatine with White Truffle
Lamb Chop “alla Norcina” with White Truffle
Wagyu rib-eye steak with White Truffle
“Uova al Tegamino” with White Truffle and croutons

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