Dallas: Why You Need To Know About VNA’s The Power of Pie Project

You get the best pumpkin or pecan pie in North Texas and give back to the community at the same time.
You get the best pumpkin or pecan pie in North Texas and a chance to give back to the community at the same time.

Photo Credit: Marye Audet

Texans are known for their friendly hospitality as well as their pies. This year you can be part of both by becoming involved in VNA’s The Power of Pie Project and helping to feed Dallas elderly in a sweet way. By purchasing a pie for $25.00 you’ll be helping this nonprofit organization continue to provide services to the elderly like Meals on Wheels and hospice care that keeps older people living as independently as possible in their own homes. They also offer bereavement services to families. They’re good at what they do and they should be. They’ve been dong this for 80 years.

But let’s talk pie, shall we?

Who Made the Pie?

You can order your choice of pumpkin or pecan pies. These aren’t just any pies, either. They are made by one of roughtly 25 local chefs who’ve agreed to donate their time and ingredients to The Power of Pie. Some of the best restaurants in DFW have agreed to be involved in this project are:

  • Parigi
  • Empire Baking Company
  • Remedy
  • Experimental Catering
  • Lakewood Country Club
  • Knife
  • Fearings
  • Cafe Momentum
  • Norma’s Cafe
  • The Mansion on Turtle Creek

Picking It Up

Although the chefs are required to make either pecan or pumpkin pies they can use whatever recipe that they want. Recipes might be from their own family recipe file, from their restaurant menus, or something they’ve just come up with for this event. You don’t get to pick who makes your pie, either. The mystery is part of the fun. You won’t know who made your pie or anything about it until you pick it up at one of the pick-up locations around Dallas and Fort Worth on Tuesday, November 24 or Wednesday the 25. If you live in downtown Dallas, Uptown, or near Oak Lawn Uber will deliver your pie for free.

Everyone is getting into the spirit of the thing.

Giving Back from Our Blessing

Let’s face it. Many of us who will be celebrating Thanksgiving will pick up a pie from somewhere. For $25 you can enjoy one of the best pies in North Texas and give back to the community at the very same time. If you prefer to make you own pie, or not have pie at all but you want to be a part of this project you can purchase a “zero calorie pie” for $25, which is a creative way of saying you’ve donated for the joy of giving and you prefer not to have a pie at all. You need to plan ahead, though. The only way to get in on this is to preorder your pie on the VNA website. As of this writing they are nearly 25 percent of the way toward the goal of $50,000 and it’s only just begun.

Blue Bell is back and scooping it on top a premium pie from one of Dallas’s top kitchens gives even more of a reason to rejoice.