5 Best Spots in DFW To Score Your Thanksgiving Pie

shutterstock_229093450In a perfect world we sit down to a Thanksgiving feast comprised of all of our favorite foods, made in our own kitchens from scratch by loving hands. In case you haven’t noticed, this isn’t a perfect world and often we are scrambling for last minute items to add to the table just as the stores close on Wednesday night. We understand. We can remember at least one Thanksgiving when a last minute feast consisted of boxed mac and cheese and deli sliced turkey. It happens — life is busy.

This year there’s no reason not to have great pie with whatever else you manage to put on the table. Pecan, pumpkin, chess, apple, or other are all available in our area. Where to get the best? We’ll share — here are our pick for 5 of the best places to pick up your Thanksgiving pie in DFW. Time is of the essence because these places sell out fast. You’re welcome.