Nick Graham’s Secret New York Hotspots


Founder of the ubiquitous brand Joe Boxer, Nick Graham, has launched rockets full of underwear into space. He has live-streamed a fashion show from an airplane hanger in Iceland and now he’s created another empire— an eponomous line of men’s shirts that are sold at Macys and Lord & Taylor.  When it comes to his life in NYC he takes a quieter approach. This dapper businessman talks to Haute Living about his “go to” places in the Big Apple.

Favorite shopping:
I like a mixed bag of shops like Bergdorf Men’s, Barneys, Saks with a dash of J Crew. For general inspiration I go to Dover Street Market, where I can see  Commes Des Garcons. I also love Opening Ceremony, Moschino.  

 Chat and Chew:
News Bar on University Place is great coffee and great people.They have my favorite coffee Kobrick. Also the staff is so very pleasant which makes the experience much more enjoyable. 

 Favorite Eatery:
Il Cantinori is practically my dining room. Frank and his team keep the place humming and its always consistently good Italian food and a great collection of people from the design worlds on-hand as well. I always look forward to their “risotto del giorno” but you really can’t go wrong with any of the dishes. It’s true authentic Italian food. We New Yorkers sometimes get caught up in the trendiest locations but it’s the resturants that have been stading for a while are really the hot spots.  
32 E 10th St;  (212) 673-604

New York is well known for its boxing culture and I box once a  week at Mendez Gym—its great for boxing and personal training.  I love that it’s not pretentious and a seriously great place to work out. I go there at 5:30 AM to release some stress before a hectic day at work.
23 East 26 Street  NYC 

Tourist For The Day:
It’s great to have some of the world’s best museums so close by.  Going to a show on Broadway is also one of my favorites. I recently saw Elephant Man with a performance by Bradley Cooper which was impressive. I was very moved by his physical acting. It made  it a singularly theatrical experience. Besides that walking is as  touristy as it gets!  

 Chicest Place To Eat:
ABC Kitchen which is part of ABC Carpet, (the home store)  always has great energy and food and to top it off it’s not too  expensive, which makes it that much more chic.The beet and yogurt dish and the popcorn are to die for, but not good if you are on a diet! I go to ABC after work, I suggest to go there for a late dinner—it’s easier to get a seat and fairly quiet. here

 Fav Hotel to Hang Out:
The Bowery Hotel is my go-to. but I also like The Marlton which is really cool as well. The owner of the hotels, Sean McPherson, has a way of making his properties feel perfectly comfortable, and unpretentious. Here