Sunday Reads: A Day in the Life of Emmy Winner Regina King


Regina King is a woman who truly mazimizes her waking hours. She only sleeps for five hours a night— tops—but then again, her everyday existence is so fantastic that she simply can’t wait for the night to be over. As the star of HBO’s The Leftovers and ABC’s American Crime—a show which just earned her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie—the 44-year-old thespian simply loves her life. Here, she shares an average day on the set of Crime, from the moment she wakes up (and immediately begins exercising) to what she does every single night—without fail before heading to bed.

5 A.M. I wake up.

5:10 A.M. I begin my day with a five-minute leg burn workout. I don’t know how much it burns your legs, but I love doing it the mornings that I have an early call-time, because it really helps energize me. Then, I stretch and drink 24 ounces of water within the hour, followed by a shower, washing my face and brushing my choppers.

5:50 A.M. I start checking emails, and make a call list while I wait for the hot water to boil for my tea.

6 A.M. Tea is ready now, so I’m out the door and headed to my first day on the set of American Crime while listening to Jill Scott on the drive over.

6:20 A.M. Seated in the makeup chair.

7 A.M. Now moving over to the hair chair. I’m wearing my hair in braids on The Leftovers, so the stylist Rachel has to braid them up a special way to go under the wig smoothly for my role in American Crime. I will be in this chair for a minute, and will respond to some emails during the process.

7:30 A.M. Production just sent the script for the next episode of The Leftovers. So exciting, can’t wait to read! I put in an order with Barrett for breakfast. My order: egg whites, scrambled with all green vegetables and avocado. Salsa verde on the side.

8:15 A.M. I go to my trailer to eat and put on wardrobe.

8:45 A.M. Heading to set.

9 A.M. Start Shooting! Yay! The first day of filming is always a blast.

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