London: 4 Countryside Activities You Must Try

It’s easy to get stuck in the hustle of London life. We often forget that there is anywhere else in the country and miss out on some pretty cool English experiences. These are four easy day trips that will get you out of London and into the countryside.

Clay Pigeon Shooting
There are few things more British than clay pigeon shooting. It is a tradition that began in the 1800s. This is the practice of shooting a firearm at specific flying targets, also known as clay pigeons. It gives you the thrill of the shoot but without the consequence of an actual kill. What’s more you get to wear an awesome outfit with really tight pants. I mean you don’t have to, but you definitely want to. At Holland and Holland you will be part of shooting history. They began in the gun game in 1835 and by 1880 opened their shooting grounds. Holland and Holland has now become so successful that they have their own unique Rang Rover. It is supposedly the ultimate vehicle for sporting clients.

Horse Riding
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There is something so posh about horse riding. It could be the outfit or the beautiful horses, but my guess is that it’s the feel of the countryside. At the Wimbledon Village Stables you can ride through the enchanting Richmond Park. Whether you are a first-time rider or a professional there will be options for you here. It’s a perfect escape from the hectic city just a short train ride away from central. It will remind you how good it feels to be in nature, surrounded by greenery and fresh air.

Classic Car
The English countryside is notorious for winding roads set against the backdrop of rolling hills. There is only one truly British way go about these roads; in a classic British sports car. This is the embodiment of British style. Driving through the countryside with the top down and wind in your hair is just different in England. In the United States a road trip is all about going long distances, in the English countryside it’s about the style and being in the moment. Lakes and Dales offer a variety of classic British cars for you to enjoy. Take a drive through Cumbria and the Lake District for a scenic countryside situation.

A Creative Excursion
England has incredibly diverse terrain from green hills to the city to rocky coastlines. The Seven Sisters is one of Britain’s most iconic locations. You might know it from postcards and paintings, but now you can go experience it as an artist yourself. The Coastguard Cottages are the ideal spot for creative inspiration. Many famed artists have been through here, and it was even featured on the classic English drama, Atonement. Here you will spend the morning enjoying tea, coffee and time to paint. It’s a true getaway experience.