Which Countries Topped the Luxury Travel List for 2015?

Virtuoso, an international network of luxury travel agencies with over 355 agencies, 9,000 travel specialties in 28 countries, conducts an annual survey about what people like and want from their travel adventures, such as where they want to travel and what kind of traveling they want.

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More than 5,800 people completed the survey this year, weighing in on their top 10 travel pursuits, top 10 dream destinations, and top 10 trips of a lifetime.

Australia topped the list this year for dream destinations, followed by Italy, New Zealand, and rounding out the top five is France. Greece, Ireland, the Caribbean, Fiji, England, and Antarctica also made the list.

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Travelers are becoming increasingly interested in one-of-a kind trips where they can experience everything from exciting adventures to relaxing coves. This is why when Virtuoso surveyed people for their “trips of a lifetime” section they received varying answers.

The top trip of a lifetime was European River/Canal Cruises, which combines the important traveling aspect of families with dedicated sailings, shore experiences, on-board programs. Other lifetime adventures that made the list were world cruises, multigenerational travel, such as China, India, or Brazil, the Greek Isles, the Galapágos Islands, a “month in a Provence,” which would include a life-like-a-local experience, among others.

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Virtuoso travel advisors can plan customized trips for every destination, providing traditional favorites and revealing those favorites’ secrets. With people traveling more and more each year, whether to experience culture, adventure, or relaxation, this luxury travel network can provide an incredible, tailored journey for every kind of traveler.