Power Player: A Day in The Life of 50 Cent

50centThere are many things that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson does during the day, but sleep isn’t one of them. Thus, it isn’t surprising that the 39-year-old rapper, singer, entrepreneur, investor and producer turns off for only three to four hours a day: he’s constantly hustling. When he isn’t working on FRIGO by RevolutionWear—a luxury line of men’s undergarments and T-shirts—with business partners Derek Jeter, Carmelo Anthony and Timbaland, he’s producing and starring in the Starz show Power, enjoying the success of his latest track “Get Low” with T.I., 2Chainz and Jeremih, and promoting his latest movie, Southpaw, a Weinstein Company film co-starring Jake Gyllenhaal that hits theaters on July 24th. Here, 50 walks us through his daily grind.

6 AM I wake up and brush my teeth—that’s the most important thing for me to do first.

7 AM Time for my first workout of the day—I always work out twice a day.

8:30 AM The first stop of my day is my NYC office.

9 AM First Instagram of the day is posted. No one else has these Maison Margiela and Balenciaga kicks yet, so I’ve got to show them off.

9:15 AM My first meeting of the day is going over my designs for my collection of men’s undergarments and T-shirts, FRIGO Crown. I am excited to see everyone’s thoughts on the designs. Next I have to go over photos from a photoshoot I just did for the line.

10:30 AM Quick trip to the studio to work on my next album, Street King Immortal. At the end of the day it is all about the music, and I want this next album to be perfection.

1 PM Cover photoshoot. This is why I have to stick with my training schedule: there were a lot of shirtless photos taken. Watch out, ladies.
3 PM Time for an hour of phone interviews to promote Power, Spy and Southpaw. I love chatting with journalists from all over the world and seeing their views on all of my projects.

3:30 PM My favorite part of the day is FaceTiming with my two-year-old son Sire, who lives in L.A.

4 PM My trainer doesn’t mess around, so now I’m heading back to the gym for my next workout.

5:30 PM Power just hit, [on June 6th] so we’re making sure that everything is the very best.

7 PM I attend a fitting for two upcoming photoshoots with Jake Gyllenhaal for Southpaw. I like to be very hands on with what I am wearing.

8 PM I’ll usually have a quick dinner at the office in between meetings, but if I do go out, Il Mulino is my favorite restaurant. Maybe I shouldn’t tell people that though—I don’t want them taking my reservation!

11:30 PM Quick visit to the club [Manhattan’s Gilded Lily] to make sure the Effen Vodka is flowing tonight. I can’t help myself: when I see the mic, I just need to hop on the stage for a few songs.

TBD Bedtime for me varies every day, but it’s usually very late and I sleep very little—around three to four hours every night. It takes a lot for my mind to turn off for the night!