Bubbles In The Sky As Emirates Airlines Partners with Dom Perignon

Traveling to Dubai or Abu Dhabi?  Starting in July, the airline will serve Dom Perignon Vintage 2005 and Dom Perignon Vintage Rose 2004 to its first-class passengers across different routes.

They will also introduce a pairing menu developed by their chefs in collaboration with the culinary team at Dom Perignon headed by Pascal Tingaud, Chef de Cuisine at Dom Perignon. The menu contains six carefully designed canapes’ intended to complement and enhance the experience. From Dubai the canapes are cured duck with saffron poached peach, walnut baguette with Persian feta cheese fresh fit and truffle infused honey and Wild smoked salmon, with lemon and cumin cream cheese on Norlander bread.

Heading to Dubai customers will experience Charcoal cracker topped with ash goat’s cheese and quince jelly. There will be Teriyaki-marinated duck breast with a curried apricot and apple chutney and finally a mixed sesame coated runa with wasabi mayonnaise. The unusal combinations will heighten the flavor of the champagne and delight the palette. Emirates VP of Catering said, “Food and wine pairing has reached its tipping point in that it is now an expected part of the fine dining experience. We have a like-minded partner in Dom Perignon who also strives to bring the dining experience to life and help elevate the rarity and richness of their product.”

Dom Perignon Vintage Rose’ 2003 was a real challenge for its creation due to extreme weather conditions—unusually harsh dry winter devastated the crop. It was followed by the hottest summer in over 50 years. They were able to harvest a grape crop that resulted in this vintage. The resulting intensity is unique and paradoxical.

For the 2005 vintage, the year was full of weather contrasts. The drastic selection in the vineyard ensured a limited volume of exceptional quality with a never before seen aromatic maturity. The wine has a strong character and a powerful presence.

Both can be experienced on a First Class flight at Emirates. shutterstock_241509874