You Won’t Believe The Amenities on World’s Largest Yacht



Among billionaires, luxury yachts are a dime a dozen. It takes something truly extraordinary to stand out in a haute crowd, something like 4Yacht’s ridiculous 656-foot “gigayacht.” The luxury yacht concept, dubbed The Double Century, resembles more of a luxury cruise liner than a private craft, boasting amenities like a theater and stage for live performances, multiple swimming pools, a piano bar, a disco, and space for two helicopters and a submarine (unfortunately, extra vehicles come separately).

Company 4Yacht is looking for just the right buyer to bring their ambitious design to life.”What Double Century needs is someone with vision, someone who wants to give life to an exceptional vessel, make it their own and put a distinctive stamp on the luxury yachting industry,” said Craig Timm, president of 4Yacht. The company is hoping to start negotiations for their gargantuan vessel at $750 million.


Once The Double Century is finally built, the vessel will snag the record of world’s largest superyacht from the 590-foot Azzam, which is reportedly owned by Zayed al-Nayan, president of the United Arab Emirates. This new yacht will be twice the length of a football field and just as wide. It will have nine decks and rise 88 feet above the sea. There will be numerous VIP suites for the owners, as well as space for 50 passengers and 100 crew members. The superyacht is so amazingly large, it will come equipped with a GPS phone app that passengers can use so they won’t get lost in it’s multitude of rooms and corridors.

According to 4Yacht, the ship can be built in as little as four years once a buyer is found.

(Via CNN Money)