Three July 4th Floral Arrangement Ideas From Ron Wendt Design

No event complete without florals to add that festive element. Ron Wendt Design creates floral arrangements for the most elegant of New York society. From Cartier, to Chanel to Swarovski — not to mention The School of American Ballet and The Whitney Museum of American Art — Mr. Wendt blends classism with a contemporary edge to compliment the decor of a room or the theme of the gathering. Haute Living asked him to create simple arrangements in honor of Independence Day that you can replicate at home. Below are Wendt’s three ideas to add polish to your upcoming party. Or if nothing is planned then just make them for your own enjoyment.

IMG_1590 IMG_1563

Peonies in season say it all: The beautiful full blooms stand on their own to create the most elegant tabletop. Place a few stems in a simple vasem then personalize the arrangement by using some local foliage from your garden, in this case, we used cut blueberry foliage with the berries and geranium leaves.



IMG_3557 (4)

Colorblock a centerpiece in solids to make a bold statement on a table. A few stems in solid collections go a long way. Don’t be afraid to pick exotic flowers and mix them with domestic ones and group them in various vases, in this case anthurium’s and Japanese mums with local hydrangea from your garden – it creates a look and theme without effort.


What a better way to set a no fuss table but with summer seasonal succulents echeveria native to semi desert climates and mini cactus plants.This unfussy combination is simple, white modern vases and white sand available at most arts and crafts stores are filled and then planted.The best part give them to your guests at the end of the dinner…. or better yet keep the because they’ll live.