Dallas: Put on an Eco-Friendly Face at Green Lotus Spa

Soothe environmentally damaged skin with a facial from Green Lotus Spa.
Soothe environmentally damaged skin with a facial from Green Lotus Spa.

Photo Credit: Ivan Turkouski

The relentless Texas sun is hard on your skin and here in Dallas we spend a lot of time poolside. There’s no better way to keep your skin looking its best right now than to get regular facials along with your regular sunblock and skincare routine. Plus, it’s nice to spend a few hours being treated like a royal, isn’t it?

Love Your Face

The Green Lotus Spa is as concerned about the Earth as it is your well being. Juxtaposing the two was just how the company rolls, kneads, and exfoliates. Many of the treatments, collected from cultures all over the world, cannot be found anywhere else in DFW. There are more than twenty different services, including massage, but it’s the facials that bring peace, joy, and endless youth to Dallasites.

There is something so relaxing about getting a facial treatment. Maybe it’s just being totally relaxed and having someone fuss over you, or maybe it’s the atmosphere, or maybe it’s the organic products that are used, it’s hard to say. Whatever it is, you’ll come out of there feeling, and looking, your best.

There are seven different facials so no matter what your personal needs are, from acne to dermaplaning, The Green Lotus has you covered. Times (and fees) vary from 30 to 80 minutes. For summer you might want to consider the Detox facial which detoxifies and balances the delicate skin of the face and is specifically for acne, aging, and environmentally damaged skin. Let’s face it, in North Texas going to get the mail in the summer can cause environmentally damaged skin! With some of the facials you may get a little neck and shoulder massage — you can’t beat that!

Committed to a Healthy Environment

Using Earth-friendly products is only one way that The Green Lotus Spa is committed to the environment.

  • You can charge your electric car in their parking lot.
  • They are rumored to have the smallest carbon footprint of any spa in the area.
  • They run a paperless business. Everything from client records to business information is digital.
  • They use a windmill, attached to the building, for electricity.
  • Every time you get a spa service they plant a tree in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil.
  • Their business cards are made of seeds that grow into flowers if they are planted.

So, go ahead and spend your afternoons sipping wine spritzers by the pool, enjoy that day at the lake, and drive with the top down as much as you want. Just remember to be kind to your face. Use a good sunscreen and take a minute to book a facial. You’ll be hooked and your skin will be happy.