Learn What’s Inside the Brand-New BMW 7 Series


It’s finally here. After a bout of playful teasing, BMW has finally revealed their new BMW 7 series in all its glory. This is the German automaker’s first update to their flagship model in a number of years, and the new car manages to blend signature BMW style with a host of haute technologies that are finally seeping their way out of supercars and into more affordable luxury vehicles. While the new vehicle might not be as purely exciting as the BMW i8, it’s still a big step forward for the company’s core market.

The new 7 series is filled with standard luxury features like a panoramic sunroof, interior mood lighting and automatic parking, plus a number of interesting upgrades. One of its central upgrades is the car’s extensive use of carbon fiber. The miracle material has been used in race and super cars for years, but is finally trickling down to BMW’s midsize sedan offerings. The  passenger cell of the new 7 Series is built up with a carbon fiber reinforced polymer, which is lighter and stronger than aluminum or steel. The carbon fiber materials make the newest 7 Series lighter and more efficient than previous models.  In total, the car is about 190 pounds lighter than previous models.

Also new in this model is BMW’s iDrive infotainment system, which can be operated with gesture controls. Simple flicks of the wrist can change the volume of the stereo or accept and decline calls. Drivers will also be able to import their own custom vehicles into the car. For backseat passengers, nearly every function of the car outside of movement can be adjusted from a seven inch tablet. Passengers can also enjoy streaming video on two 10-inch screens thanks to the car’s mobile Wi-Fi hot spot. The backseat of the car is also equipped with massage seats, in what BMW dubs their “Vitality Program.”

The new BMW 7 Series starts at $81,300