Haute Law: Hamptons Police Officers Purchase a Fleet of Luxury Vehicles


For police officers in the Hamptons, staying incognito can be difficult when the standard car racing around town costs a small fortune.

This week, the Hamptons Police Department announced the purchase and deployment of a new fleet of unmarked luxury cars. The reason: It’s too difficult keeping a low profile in everyday vehicles in one of the ritziest nabes in the country.

“When 75 percent of all of the vehicles on local roads are Range Rovers, Maseratis and Porsches, our unmarked Crown Vics stuck out like sore thumbs,” explains Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch. “In recent years our undercover officers’ activities have been severely compromised—everyone can tell they’re cops from the cars they drive!”

The department received delivery of the vehicles last Wednesday. Though the exact colors and models of the cars will remain a secret (for obvious reasons), they will certainly blend in with the affluent traffic in the neighborhood.

“The new cars include a pair of very high-powered Porsches, an Aston-Martin, a nice variety of BMWs, a Maybach and a couple of luxury SUVs,” Hirsch says. “The total cost of the vehicles came in a little over our budget of $1.3 million,” he adds, noting that the additional expense came from a variety of luxury add-ons requested by individual officers.

The department isn’t done acquiring vehicles. The Hamptons Police expect to acquire at least 20 more luxury vehicles, including a special sub-fleet of vintage Rolls-Royces and Austin-Healy models. We expect that the law enforcement officers are enjoying their new vehicle assignments.

(Via Dans Papers)