Haute 100 Miami: Rumors Hint Dwyane Wade Might Leave Miami

Dwyane Wade, photo by  lev radin
Dwyane Wade, photo by lev radin

With the NBA finals about to kick off a fierce match between King James’s Cleveland Cavaliers and reigning MVP Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors, trade rumours for the 2015-2016 season of the NBA have already started heating up. The most interesting of which might be those rumors surrounding Dwyane Wade and his potentially leaving the Miami Heat. Though the likeliness that Wade will leave Miami remains small, the two teams he could potentially end up at are the Los Angeles Clippers and the New York Knicks.

Wade is good friends with Clippers ace point guard Chris Paul, but the Clippers are already well over their salary cap. It would take some creativity on part of Clippers’ management to free up money to team up Wade with Paul and Blake Griffin. The Knicks have plenty of salary room, but whether or not Wade wants to join a team that only won a dismal 17 games in the regular season remains to be seen. On the bright side, a Wade and Carmelo Anthony teaming would be sure to boost the Knicks profile, even if a little bit.

After Lebron left, the Miami Heat franchise was freed of much salary space; Wade will certainly be looking for a large payday. But at 34 years old and having only played 70 games in any single season since 2010-’11 season, it still remains to be seen whether the Heat or any other team will give Wade the contract that he is looking for. His three NBA championships however should strengthen his claim to the big bucks.