A Sneek Peek At Tantalize, South Beach’s New Supper Club


Tantalize is intended to be a indulgence of the senses. With over-the-top decor, amazing cuisine and fun performances they have succeeded. Yes, you might get hit over the head with chandeliers and red velvet when you come in, but it’s easy to see where they’re going with this — perhaps Babette’s from Boardwalk Empire?

Latin-inspired Cobia at Tantalize
Latin-inspired Cobia at Tantalize

Don’t let the opulence fool you, the menu is quite serious. Helmed by Chef Horacio Rivadero, who has had many accolades, including a superlative from Food and Wine Magazine as “Best New Chef for the Gulf Region”, in 2012, and as a semi-finalist for the James Beard Award, “Best Chef South” category while taking a recent turn for The District.

Bar at Tantalize

Suffice it to say, the food was superb. The Grilled Cobia with hearts of palm escabeche and the Cuban Boxer – braised pork with yucca, mojo and black bean puree were perfect Latin-inspired dishes worthy of Rivadero’s mentor, Douglas Rodriguez.  In fact, all the dishes were so good, people should go just to have a delicious dinner. Forget about everything else.

Chef Horacio Rivadero (3)
Chef Horacio Rivadero

Of course, for many the draw will be the live female dancers doing acts every forty minutes or so. Not those kind of dancers, mind you. These ladies are a bit more covered than the ones you’re imaging, are extremely attractive, and very professional. These are real dancers with moves to match. More cabaret than burlesque.

Elena Lee, Artisitic Director
Elena Lee, Artisitic Director

There are stages where the ladies dance both upstairs and down, meaning they could have simultaneous shows when the place is packed. For our preview we sat upstairs with an intimate audience, which allowed us a bit of personal attention from the performers. There also are additional amenities like a champagne room cloaked in crushed blue velvet and a chic, neutral private dining room with a long table flanked by ghost chairs.

Champagne Room
Champagne Room

It’s easy to see this place being a hit with out-of-towners looking for something fun to do for dinner, or nightlifers heading to nearby SET afterwards. That doesn’t mean locals shouldn’t go. They should! Tantalize makes a perfect date night, bachelorette party or the perfect place to bring your out-of-town parents who no doubt will get a kick out of the sizzle while appreciating service. Tantalize opens Tuesday, June 9th.
330 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, 305-695-1401