The Master and Dynamic X Zero Halliburton Kit Fuels Creatives on the Go

Master & Dynamic x Halliburton Kit
Master & Dynamic x Halliburton Kit

Master & Dynamic and Zero Halliburton have teamed up launching a limited release mobile toolkit for “creatives on the go,” but one needn’t be creative to get use out of this set that includes either a pair of MH40 over-ear headphones or the MH-30 on-ear headphones as well as the Master and Dynamic MM800 boom mic, designed in partnership with creative office design firm Neuehouse.

MH40 Headphones
MH40 Headphones

In essence, the package drops a trio of luxury items in your lap that create a symbiotic experience. The headphones (I’ve been using the MH40) wear with a relaxed fit over your ears keeping discomfort to a minimum. They stay in place firmly over my ears whether I’m sitting down at the office, walking the city, or riding my bike. At work, I am able to listen to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast and not miss a single word. When riding around the city, I listened to Miles Davis’s On the Corner with the headphones connected to my iPhone and the pristine sound and noise isolation functions allowed for a musical experience that rivaled that of listening to music on my stereo at home, despite the fact of the dampened quality of the MP3s. These headphones are fantastic if you are the type of person who likes music to fuel you through the days, and the sound quality makes the most mundane of experiences a little more thrilling and interesting. Driven by passion for building beautifully-designed, technically-sophisticated “sound tools” for creative minds, Master & Dynamic’s MH40 Over-Ear headphones are made with forged aluminum, stainless steel components and genuine cowhide and lambskin. Each pair of premium headphones is constructed with CNC-milled, forged aluminum ear cups; PVD-coated stainless steel components; metal-injection molding and custom 45mm neodymium high-performance drivers.
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The Zero Halliburton kit adds a dose of luxury to the sound tools. By carrying one’s headphones and boom mics in an aluminum case of this quality, people will know that you take your music seriously. Zero Halliuburton has been making aluminum travel kits since 1938 becoming a go-to brand for protective luggage. If you are someone that runs around all day much like myself, you aren’t necessarily always going to want to be carrying around an aluminum suitcase, but Master and Dynamic and Zero Halliburton appear to have recognized that fact; the case comes with pouches for the headphones and the boom kit allowing you to throw your headphones in the pouch and put it in your bag so you can get going.

The collaboration launches today, exclusively at, where kits retail from $700 (MH30 headphone kits) – $750 (MH40 headphone kits).

Now, the kit introduces some new colorways as well. Master and Dynamic CEO Jonathan Levine attended the premier of Brambilla’s Times Square Installation and said, “I was planning to add a new colorway to the collection. When I saw the blue and silver colors of Brambilla’s striking visuals, set against the deep midnight blue/black sky, I immediately knew what I wanted to do.”

Like one of the best suit color combos, the blue and black headphones look effortlessly chic while delivering the high quality sound that creatives on the go strive for. 
The new collection is available now at and will be available as of June 1st at Bergdorf Goodman, Colette (Paris) and online at East Dane and each of the two new colorways retail for $399.