Miami: Michelle Bernstein Opens Cena by Michy


Michy and me

Michy’s lovers rejoice—Michy’s is back in another incarnation called Cena by Michy. After closing last June to renovate and regroup for a new concept just ahead of its 10-year anniversary, the famous restaurant space is serving once again.

For Cena, the space’s original terrazzo floors have surfaced and the roof raised to expose silvery wood beams. The new, clean white color palette is complimented by a trio of dark chrome starburst chandeliers, that evoke the restaurant’s logo.  There is also a gleaming open kitchen where you can see the James Beard- winning chefs Michelle Bernstein, and her husband/partner David Martinez in action.

Mr. Pink
Mr. Pink

Cena means “supper” in Spanish and this is exactly what these two will be serving up. That is, of course, after the requisite frozen cocktail of the week, which the week we stopped by happened be a Pimms Cup with Pimms, citadelle gin, cucumber, mint, and kelvin-citrus ginger.

Watermelon Greek Salad
Watermelon Greek Salad

The menu consists of very seasonal, small plates, a concept that worked well for Bernstein at Srz. Martinez. “I’m excited because a lot of the dishes come from our home; some of the dishes even come from the original Michy’s,” she explained with enthusiasm.

Fans of her original restaurant and its friend chicken will be relieved to know it’s still on offer. Other standout dishes slated for the opening menu include roasted sunchokes with smoked almonds, Parmesan and Jerez; spinach and feta croquettes with Sicilian orange marmalade; crunchy porchetta with braised peaches; sweetbread tacos; fettucine Carbonara with dashi and furikake.

Michy's Fried Chicken
Michy’s Fried Chicken

“Michy’s was never meant to be a ‘fancy,’ special occasion restaurant,” Martinez says. “We opened it around the corner from our house because this neighborhood needed a restaurant the locals could call their own.” This spirit carries through to Cena, which is another relaxed foodie destination. “The menu is going to change all the time,” explained Bernstein, adding that “a lot of love and history went into the menu.”

Vanillia Panna Cotta
Vanilla Panna Cotta

Cena by Michy’s is located at 6927 Biscayne Blvd and will be serving dinner nightly at 6 p.m.