Babalu Introduces Perfume Genie Technology in Miami

Babalu MiamiFlorida’s purveyor of luxury goods, Babalu has partnered with Global Marketing Agency KBS to introduce proprietary digital interactive Perfume Genie technology in its Miami location in the 1111 building on Lincoln Road. Customers will be walked through an interactive experience that will help them navigate Babalu’s vast array of fragrances and get the perfect scent for them.

It’s called the Perfume Genie, and it’s the first of its kind. But cool experiences at Babalu are nothing new. Since 2010, founders Greg Melvin and Paolo Ambu have been engaging their clientele with unique items and concepts that fuse the artistic with the commercial. “Babalu is as much an experience as it is a destination. By introducing the Departure Lounge at our Miami location with the Perfume Genie installation, we offer a new point of discovery for our clients,” said Ambu. “We are dedicating 25% of the Babalu floor space which, for a small retail footprint is a strategically bold move.”
Babalu_Both fragrance enthusiasts and fragrance newbies can utilize the trusty digital fragrance finder as it is both entertaining and simple. Participants will be walked through the pyramid structure that serves as the traditional foundation for perfume formulation. First answer a few fun questions, then choose a perfume family, and lastly select corresponding fragrance notes. The Perfume Genie will offer a customized list of scents for the participant. A perfume butler (aka a Babalu sales associate) will then greet the client with the selected fragances. All the fragrances are available at Babalu in-store and online at
Babalu Miami Store
“Babalu and KBS are both leading innovators in their respective retail and tech markets. We were fortunate to meet and create the Perfume Genie, an entirely innovative, value-added entertainment program for the Babalu customer,” said Melvin. “We are highly impressed with the vision, tech know-how and execution that Matt Powell and his team at KBS have employed to deliver a bespoke project of this caliber. The Perfume Genie will provide our clients a very enjoyable learning experience.”

The Babalu Perfume Genie installation is created in collaboration with New York-based global marketing agency KBS. “Working with Greg, Paolo and the entire Babalu team has been a great experience and has helped us experiment with our retail and interaction innovations in ‘the real world,’ ensuring that custom solutions we invent drive meaningful value at the store-level,” said Matt Powell, co-president, KBS NY. “Partnering on this project deepened our understanding of the dynamics of a fast-paced retail environment, and we’re very excited to see how Babalu’s customers react to the experience.”