The Year’s Top 5 Novel Spirits to Nab for Your Bar

Despite the immeasurable amounts of ways you can enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary libation this year, most of us know that just because a shiny, new spirit is “unique” doesn’t always mean it’s worth the indulgence. However, whether you’re merely a social drinker or a masterful mixologist, here are a few novel and exceptional picks that should be making a debut appearance on your bar this year.


2 Gingers_Big Ginger

2 Gingers Irish Whiskey
Hailing from the renowned Kilbeggan Distillery in Ireland, this award-winning four-year-aged whiskey blend was named after Founder and CEO Kieran Folliard’s redheaded mother and aunt, Mary and Delia, and is now the United States’ fastest-growing Irish whiskey brand. 2 Gingers gives a sweet start on the palette with smooth, malty tones of citrus and honey. Capitalizing on the spirit’s unique flavor, they created The Big Ginger, the brand’s refreshing signature cocktail. Much aligned with this whiskey’s unprecedented rise in the Unites States, the 2 Gingers adage speaks to those who relentlessly go after what they want: “Bring Your Own Luck!”


Mariner XO

Marnier XO Cognac
Aged in both Tronçais and Limousin barrels, prized as two of the best woods for aging cognacs, offer this once hard-to-find spirit’s complexity and richness, Marnier XO Cognac has not been sold in the United States for over a decade. The Marnier XO is an exceptional blend of rare aged eaux-de-vie and made from 100% Grande Champagne Cognac from one of the foremost production regions, giving the characteristic of a very old cognac. Earthy notes results in a long and harmonious finish for this limited-run indulgence.



Altaneve Prosecco
In the United States, sparkling wine has grown twice as fast over the past five years than any other group of wine and has begun to challenge champagne for the top spot of the sparkling wine domain. David Noto, a 10th generation Italian vintner, has brought his crisp Altaneve Prosecco from the vineyards in Valdobbiadene where the prosecco is produced in the shadow of the Dolomite Mountains. Its versatility and consistency coupled with its high quality and composition has encouraged both tasters and connoisseurs alike rate it as one of the best tasting proseccos on the market.


Pisco Potron

Pisco Portón
The taste of a Peruvian pisco heavily depends on the variety of grape fermented during distillation. In a 330-year-old distillery at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, a mix of pressing Quebranta, Torentel and Albilla grapes bring out notes of citrus and cinnamon to this sweet yet full-bodied pisco. Pisco Portón, crafted by hand in small batches, is a perfect homage to the country’s nationalist spirit. And there’s always a secret bonus when buying pisco too. There are no additives to alter the spirit’s natural flavor, since it’s against the law in Peru to dilute it in any way.


 Distroya Dragon's Share

Diströya – The Dragon’s Share
Taking cues from Viking lore, Diströya Spirits, Inc. has launched a campaign to build a trilogy of unique spirit flavors, each equipped with its own mythology story. On deck first is The Dragon’s Share, based on the entertaining story of a spiced spirit created by the Viking King Magnus. Diströya boasts less sugar and much more mystery than other shooters like it and, while the product is described as a liqueur, its direct competitors are the likes of Jägermeister and Fireball. If you’re way past the “let’s take a shot” stage, The Dragon’s Share sips nicely solely on the rocks.


No matter if you’re looking for a refreshing fix for a parched summer throat or a cozy cocktail for an evening in, these bar additions will keep you ready for any mood or taste on your palette. Cheers!