Single? Here’s The Best Places to Fall in Love in NYC

If your life existed inside the script of an ’80s movie starring John Cusack, you’d meet the man or woman of your dreams while adorably running through Grand Central Terminal to catch your train—and boom—you’d literally crash right into each other. You wouldn’t be angry that he or she dumped a steaming cup of coffee all over your new shirt, or that he or she knocked your laptop to the ground with brute force—no, no, you’d simply smile sweetly at this stranger who got in your way and bat your eyes like Betty Boop. But, your life is not a John Cusack move—and, uh, you look sweaty, not sparkly, after all that running.

Actual mortals don’t meet their soulmate at train stations. But they do meet them at plenty of other spots throughout this fine metropolis. Not sure where to begin? Not to fear. Haute Living presents the best places to fall in love in NYC.


Have you ever wondered what impact your up-to-the-minute knowledge of the Kardashian clan could have on your life? Well, my friends, the answer is trivia. From pop culture tidbits to historical facts, nothing is off limits at this famous bar game. And that group of good looking suits sitting at a table all by themselves? Chances are they have no idea what Kourtney and Scott named their newest baby. So grab a pal, head to one of the many bars all across NYC that offers weekly trivia nights, and show off your mad skills.


Friendly competition is great, but let’s face it—there’s nothing sexy about walking away with a black eye after taking an elbow to the face during a co-ed game of basketball. Instead, channel your inner 5th grader and indulge your love of striped knee-socks, and join a kickball league! It’s fun, low-stress, easy to learn, and drinking alcohol is typically encouraged. Need we say more?


As romantic as it would be to meet the love of your life while gazing at Starry Night, uh, you probably won’t. It’s not that the painting isn’t beautiful, powerful, or captivating, it’s that most mainstream museums are just too damn crowded. But what’s that? You like art and want to meet someone with a similarly cultured artistic sensibility? Great! Head to Chelsea or Williamsburg or one of the other less trafficked areas brimming with independent art galleries. Not only will you be exposed to tons of new artists, but you’ll actually be able to have a conversation should you meet someone special.

Want to meet someone smart, kind, and successful who also gives back to their community? Then roll up your sleeves and start volunteering. We’re not saying you need to spend every Saturday at the local soup kitchen, but to attract someone with a philanthropic spirit, you need to practice what you preach. Walk dogs at your local animal shelter or plant herbs in your neighborhood garden. Giving back no matter how small will make you feel good, and that my friends, is sexier than any pair of stilettos.