Miami: Gold Desserts That Are Worth Every Penny

As if Miami wasn’t extravagant enough, some of the city’s most elaborate restaurants are catching on to a new trend: decking out desserts in gold. For an indulgence like no other, try one of these decadent desserts for a gold-tipped treat that will leave you feeling a bit more luxurious than when you first walked in.

SERENDIPITY 3: Golden Opulence Sundae, $1000

Hailing from New York City, to Miami Beach’s chic and bustling Lincoln Road, Serendipity 3 is where stylish sweet-lovers get their fill. Of all their ice cream concoctions big enough to share (which they all are), the most impressive is the “Golden Opulence” sundae: which is just as decadent as it sounds. A Tahitian vanilla dream — one infused with Madagascar vanilla beans and chunks of rare Venezuelan Chuao chocolate, and drizzled with expensive Amedei Porcelana chocolate — this dessert wouldn’t be complete without plentiful marzipan cherries, chocolate truffles, candied fruits and a dollop of Grande Passion caviar. Oh, and let’s not forget that it is covered in 23-carat edible gold leaf, topped with gold-covered almonds, and is served in a Baccarat crystal goblet with mother of pearl or 18-carat gold spoons. Basically, it’s worth every penny.

Serendipity 3 is located at 1102 Lincoln Road. As many ingredients are imported, the Golden Opulence sundae must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance.

SEAGRAPE: Gold Birthday Cake

Michelle Bernstein’s latest addition to the new Thompson Miami Beach, Seagrape is a throwback to mid-1900s: a Florida brasserie with a vintage, eclectic design and inventive, locally-inspired fare. Emphasizing her creativity, Michelle Bernstein offers a guests the opportunity to order a custom-made birthday cake unlike any other. With layers of vanilla and chocolate devil’s food cake, dark chocolate mousseline and Valrhona crunch pearls — all topped with with cocoa butter, dusted in gold and garnished with housemade chocolates and a gold leaf — it is sure to be the most decadent birthday celebration you’ve yet to enjoy.

Seagrape is located in the Thompson Miami Beach, at 4041 Collins Avenue. The gold-dusted birthday cake must be ordered at least 4 hours in advance. Price depends on order.

SOHO BAY: Chocolate Cake, $12


South Beach’s newest waterfront Asian sensation, SOHO Bay, has been impressing the masses since its opening just last month. Besides its impeccable views, cunningly-creative cocktails and mouthwatering menu, perhaps the chocolate cake has something to do with the locale’s popularity — it’s a combination of Devil’s food cake, Asian pear, ginger filling, goat cheese walnut ice cream and a gold leaf garnish.

SOHO Bay is located at 520 West Avenue.

TAMARINA: Tiramisu, $9

Tamarina Dessert

If being at Tamarina wasn’t enough, try its gold-topped Tiramisu and we guarantee you won’t want to leave. With its perfectly-round ball of mascarpone cream and amaretto, homemade chocolate crunch crust and 24-karat gold leaf, it’s a new kind of indulgence you’re sure to keep craving over and over again.

Tamarina is located at 600 Brickell Avenue.