Make Tofu Not War: The Best Vegan Dining in NYC

Tell anyone you’re vegan and you’re guaranteed to get one of two responses: “What do you eat?” or “Are you always hungry?” The answer—and this coming from someone who jumped on the vegan train at the age of 8—”lots of things” and “no.”

I’ll be honest, 20 years ago really good vegan dining options were few and far between. But today, especially in New York City, meatless options are a plenty! Curious? You should be. Gone are the days of lackluster kale salad with depressing oil and vinegar. These days, vegan dining has reached new levels—think savory polenta and vegetable towers, or cashew cheese pizza—and has become not only flavorful, but gourmet. Keep reading for our haute picks!

187 Ninth Ave
(212) 627-1144

Using fresh organic ingredients sourced from local farms and small distribution companies, Blossom serves delicious dishes that are 100 percent animal-free. With four locations across the city, you won’t have to travel far to find health-conscious cuisine. Be sure to save room for their stellar desserts like the lemon cheesecake or chocolate ganache.

154 East 79th Street
New York, NY 10075
(212) 537-7179

This bi-level restaurant with romantic low lighting, plush seating, and soft music that feels more like
a Zen oasis than an Upper East Side hot spot. Though the real draw is the food—like rosemary-crusted seitan with garlic mashed potatoes—be sure to indulge in one of Candle 79’s signature eco-cocktails, such as the Kom-booze-cha.

86 Allen Street
(212) 228-7732

dirt candyAs it says on the website, “Anyone can cook a hamburger. Leave the vegetables to the professionals.” And this lower east side gem does just that. You won’t find any faux meats here—just a few vegetable ingredients. But somehow, chef Amanda Cohen creates mouthwatering dishes with stunning presentation that will actually make you crave kale.

198 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002


Just because you are eating vegan doesn’t mean you need to be healthy all the time! For a pizza fix that’s 100 times more tasty (and yes, more healthy) than anything you’ll find on St. Marks Place, head to this lower east side restaurant. Offering a full vegan and gluten-free menu, you’ll bound to find something to please even the pickiest palate.