Get Intimate With San Francisco’s New La Perla Boutique

la perla san franciscoPhoto Credit: Drew Altizer Photography

After months of anticipation, La Perla, the luxury lingerie brand coveted by women—and men—worldwide, has finally opened its doors at 170 Geary Street in the heart of San Francisco’s Union Square. Haute Living takes you inside this molto elegante Italian intimates boutique that promises to bring the sensual stylings seen on the 2015 Paris runways to bedrooms across the city.

Known for its understated elegance, Chantilly lace chemises and seamless fit, the brand has earned a reputation for not only creating fineries with exceptional function but for boosting the self-confidence of those fortunate enough to wear the elegant pieces. This attention to detail is evident from the La Perla team and extends to every element of the shopping experience.

Upon entry, you’ll be greeted by a staff of poised stylists dressed in conservative-chic black skirt sets and whose obvious passion for the brand’s designs leave them ready to answer any question from fit to styling tips. Expertly-curated plexiglass nooks house both the brand’s seductive underpinnings as well as La Perla’s new “in-and-out” pieces, featuring blazers and tailored trousers to take your look from the bedroom to unexpectedly sexy date night attire and back again.

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, stop by for a made-to-measure consultation where the La Perla ladies will take your measurements and work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your collection. Did we mention they offer 18-karat gold plated thread for both embroidery and monograms on these bespoke items? In our estimation, it’s these little details that make La Perla the height of haute living.

In addition to the predominantly hand-made offerings of bras, bustiers, panties, shoes and sleepwear hung from gilded metal hangers or presented to customers on velvet-lined trays, the boutique offers an extensive swimwear collection that begs for a white sand beach and an oversized sun hat. Unfortunately for the gentleman of San Francisco, the boutique doesn’t carry La Perla menswear on site though we’re told that males have voiced their pleasure for the artistry of the Freesia collection in particular just as much as the females. The Freesia line features bodysuits, pencil skirts and silk floor-length gowns in delicate Leavers lace flowers that seemingly blossom across the skin—imagery both genders can certainly appreciate.

The new design of La Perla boutiques comes from famed architect Roberto Baciocchi, known for his work with Prada and Miu Miu’s interiors was clearly inspired by historic Italian architecture. References to the work of Carlo Scarpa from the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona can be found in the soft, dusty coloured walls dressed in painted fabric and in the display cases within the store. The ultra-feminine range of color shades, from pale blue, through dusky pink to daffodil yellow, plays on the luxurious essentiality of the hexagonal Portuguese marble slabs. Severity and softness are also found where the paving meets the rugs and silk tub armchairs in the same pastel tones as the walls. The arch is one of the distinctive architectural elements of Italian art and here it becomes a backdrop lined in pink onyx inside each window.

The fitting rooms are lined with gold metal grates that recall ancient confessionals but what we really think is haute are the vintage microphones in each room that allow shoppers to call a member of the sales staff. VIP customers will especially appreciate the espaceprivé the boutique offers.

When visiting the Geary Street location, be sure to take note of the iconic gateway at the entrance to the fitting rooms—a symbolic element that marks this space devoted to intimacy, creating an exclusive place in which femininity reigns.

La Perla boasts more than 150 boutiques worldwide and the latest becomes the Italian brand’s third in California, joining Beverly Hills and South Coast Plaza. It’s another sign that international luxury brands take fashion in San Francisco as seriously as we know the socialites here do. Welcome to Ess Eff La Perla!

 Photo Credit: Drew Altizer Photography