Fashion’s Daily Bible WWD Goes Digital

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Fashion’s daily printed bible, WWD, will be revamped into a digital daily with stronger around-the-clock breaking news, supplemented with weekly printed edition. The trade newspaper for all-things-fashion has fallen victim to the changing media landscape. The institution’s last daily paper is scheduled for April 24, ending its 105-year history as a daily print publication. “In a media age where algorithms, aggregation and native content have reshaped and destroyed many news organizations, WWD‘s core values and mission remains. Get the story first, be right and be fair” was part of the announcement posted on their web site yesterday. It’s interesting to note that Feb 27, 2015 marked the death of the founder, 87-year-old John Fairchild.

Happily, the paper is also expanding internationally, with a focus on emerging markets — adding Brazil and China bureaus to its existing London, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo outposts, and adding correspondents worldwide. Although it’s the end of an era the newly emboldened WWD’s expanded reach, and the increased news coverage seems like a win-win for employees of WWD and readers alike.