How to Wear Crop Tops in Winter

Crop tops are like the cilantro of of the fashion world—you either LOVE LOVE LOVE them or think they should die a slow, painful death like the dreaded tie-dye tee. As with other controversial trends of today, like overalls or Doc Martens, the belly-baring style isn’t going anywhere anytime soon—even in the dead of winter. Ready to jump on the bandwagon? Here’s how to wear crop tops in the winter.

1) Wear sleeves

Just because you plan on showing off your midriff doesn’t mean you need to freeze your little buns off. To rock the crop top trend while staying warm and toasty, choose one with sleeves.

2) Pair with thick, high-wasted pants

crop top

So long as you sport thick, high-waisted pants and layer a warm jacket on top of your mini tee, you’ll be ready to ready to hit the ground running—and turn heads.

3) Skip Neon and Bold Prints


Save that floral number for the Governor’s Ball Festival this summer. To keep your crop top from looking out of place, stick with solid hues in shades of black, grey, and navy.

4) Choose a thicker material
ronny kobo
Compensate for your sliver of skin by picking a form-fitting, thicker material.

5) Wear Something Underneath


If you abs aren’t feeling quite up to par—and let’s face it, whose are in the winter?!—layer a white button up underneath.