Hollywood Legacy Marin Hopper’s Desktop Essentials

Marin Hopper
Marin Hopper
If there is anyone who would be a lock to do something artistic and creative, it would be Hollywood legacy Marin Hopper. Her father is the late Dennis Hopper. Her grandfather, Leland Hayward, was a Hollywood agent and producer (The Sound of Music was among his many successful films) as well as the co-founder of Southwest Airways. Her mother, Brooke Hayward, is an actress. Jane Fonda is her godmother. One might say, in fact, that she was groomed for success. With so much creativity flowing through her family, it’s no wonder than Marin decided to take a page out of the family book, and in 2014, launched the handbag and jewelry line Hayward, (named after her grandfather); stars like Jennifer Lopez are already fans. Now, won’t you join us in taking a peek at the elegant place where Marin Hopper comes up with her design ideas?
Marin Hopper's desk
Marin Hopper’s desk

1. Iphone 6

As I am always traveling for work on my accessories collection, Hayward, my gold iPhone 6 is really my desk on the go.
2. Hayward Maggie Kit Messenger Bag
Once I am back at my showroom office in New York City, I am happiest surrounding myself by the metals that inspire me – as my collection is based on iconic hardware designs from my grandfather, Leland Hayward. Currently on my vintage mirrored desk, I have my favorite new spring 2015 Maggie Kit Messenger bag, which the H made in the font of the H my grandfather designed for his custom Cartier watch fob from the 1930s – on the exterior zipper pull.
3. Hayward sterling silver box
I collect boxes of all kinds, and as a result even had sterling ones made for Hayward
4. Hayward Box Clutch
 This white box clutch was inspired by renowned style icon Slim Keith, who was married to my Grandfather as well.
5. Carl Aubock Book
I also greatly admire Austrian modernist Carl Aubock and love the book on him and the Workshop as a wonderful celebration of beauty – built on form and function.
6. Metal Knot
An enormous knot of mixed metals – silver and gold – never fails to amuse me.
7. Tailor’s Shears
An oversized pair of tailors’ shears may appear extreme – but always proves to be super useful!