Breakfast is Back: Where to Find the Best Bagels in NYC

There are a few things that every bonafide New Yorker should have down pat: where to find the best pizza, the best late-night eats, and the best bagels in NYC. When it comes to the latter, you know what I’m talking about—they should be fluffy, not too doughy, and crispy without being crunchy. And if they’re fresh out of the oven—never, ever put them in the toaster. At nearly 300 calories a pop, bagels aren’t exactly diet food, which is why when you do indulge, they should be the best! Keep reading to find out our haute picks.

Tompkins Square Bagels
165 Avenue A
(646) 351-6520
tompkins square bagel

If you are an avid user of Instagram, you’ve probably seen the drool-worthy images from Tompkins Square Bagels. They are especially known for their unusual, but delicious cream cheese flavors such as birthday cake, jalapeno cheddar, scallion with bacon, chocolate chip cookie dough, and espresso. Don’t worry, they still offer classic plain and excel at that too. They even have plenty of tofu options for those on the dairy-free bandwagon including tofu lox, tofu sun-dried tomato, tofu olive pimento, and more.

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company
286 8th Avenue #1
(212) 924-2824
brooklyn bagel and coffee

This neighborhood joint serves hand-rolled and kettle-boiled bagels crafted from unbleached flour. If you’re the adventurous type, indulge in their cream cheese flavor of the week, like this week’s chimichurri. To complete your meal, order a side of homemade freshly squeezed orange juice or a latte from their extensive coffee bar and start your day off right.

831 3rd Avenue
ess a bagel

Making bagels since 1976, this eatery pounds out some of the best from its two locations in Midtown East and Stuyvesant Town. Originating from an Austrian baking family, this is a no-nonsense good old-fashioned bagel spot you cannot go wrong with. The outsides are firm, while the insides are soft and fluffy—just like a bagel should be. All of the bagels, cakes, fish, and soups are also certified kosher.

Absolute Bagels
2788 Broadway
absolute bagels 1

These well-proportioned bagels with savory lox and lox spread hit just the right spot—and just the right price. At only $1 a bagel, it’s a no-fuss bagel spot you can rely on at all times. But be sure to bring cash, as they are cash only.

189 Bedford Avenue
(718) 218-7414
bagelsmith 1

Soft and chewy with a slight hint of sweetness, these bagels are da-bomb. This local Williamsburg gem boasts a pretty great selection of omelets as well, but feel free to simply add bacon, egg, and cheese to one of their plump bagels for the ultimate breakfast.