Haute 100 New York: Woody Allen Heads to Amazon Prime with New Series

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Ever since groundbreaking series like The Sopranos, Mad Man and Breaking Bad proved to audiences that television was an artistic format that could rival feature films, more of Hollywood’s top tier talent has defected to the small screen. The latest film mega star to get his own show is none other than Mr. Woody Allen. Allen is going to be creating, writing, and directing an Amazon series. The network, which proved it is committed to delivering risk-taking and cutting-edge series with the Golden Globe-winning Transparent, is the perfect network for Allen to bring his sardonic world-view to life with.

Calvin Klein Collection Fall 2015: menswear. Image via style.com
Calvin Klein Collection Fall 2015: menswear. Image via style.com

For those that think Calvin Klein has become irrelevant to any thing higher fashion than your underwear can think again. The brand’s luxury off-shoot, Calvin Klein Collection, has consistently released beautiful garments in intriguing materials for collection after collection. Under the creative direction of menswear designer Italo Zuchelli it has become one of the most editorialized brands out there. To stay true to the Calvin Klein brand, Zuchelli often confers design ideas with Mr. Klein himself. The result is some of the most cutting-edge designs out there but still true to the CK brand. The Fall 2015 menswear collection, heavy in monochromatic prints and tight to loose silhouettes, is as beautiful as anything that the brand has put out.

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Bill Clinton took time off from his busy life to make an appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers. Myers carefully asked Clinton about his wife Hilary and whether or not she would announce a presidential bid for 2016. Myers cloaked the question in real estate jargon: “Do you think you might live in a different house in 2016?”

Bill in typical hilarity hardly missed a beat, evading the answer with equal smarm, “I hope not because 2016 is the election year and I don’t have any place to move.”

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