What Really Falls From The Sky on New Year’s Eve in Times Square


Every December 31, more than one million people pack into Times Square (wearing adult diapers mind you) to countdown the final moments of the year and watch a six-ton crystal-covered ball light up the sky. And when it does, a whopping one ton of confetti pours down on the crowd. But, these aren’t just any tiny pieces of paper. They’re wishes.

hopes and dreams wall

Throughout the month of December, people from all across the globe visit the wishing wall at the Broadway Plaza between 42nd and 43rd Street to write their “wishes” on pieces of official Times Square New Year’s Eve confetti. Sometimes, the messages are personal goals, other times, they are dreams for the future. Then, on December 31, the wishes are collected and added to confetti cannons that shoot out on the crowd gathered down below. Pretty cool, right?


Those that still want to make a wish, but can’t make it to Times Square (we don’t blame you) can visit the online wishing wall and write a message to be included in the 2015 celebrations. But don’t share anything you wouldn’t want the whole world to potentially read! Throughout the evening, various wishes will be shared on Times Square NYC’s official twitter feed and webcast.