Best Carbonara SF

Locanda-0281Photo Credit: Eric WolfingerWith the rain hitting San Francisco hard this week, there is no better time for classic comfort food. The one dish that always soothes our soul and appeals to our tastebuds? A piping hot bowl of cheesy pasta. Not just any pasta, but our hands-down, all-time favorite pasta, carbonara. The traditional Roman pasta dish takes humble ingredients — eggs, bacon, and cheese — and turns them into a spectacular silky sauce for pasta. It’s a dish that requires technical skill as the chef must make sure to cook the eggs into a velvety sauce with a texture that is just so; if overcooked, the eggs will scramble and the dish is ruined. However, no need to worry about scrambled eggs: at the following five restaurants, the chefs have mastered the skill of making expert carbonara. Here are the best places to enjoy a plateful of eggy, cheesy carbonara goodness in SF.