The Erno Laszlo Institute Invents Your ‘At-Home’ Wrinkle Remedy

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Inside the Erno Laszlo Institute

The Erno Laszlo Institute is a brand so rich in its history and so modern in its concept that it counts Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly and, Audrey Hepburn amongst its historic fans. Today, lovers of this line include the likes of celebrities Khloe Kardashian (who loves the sea mud soap) to Brooke Shields who loves it so much that she is a member of The Institute. Other big fans? Us, as in Haute Living, of course!

A Kardashian Favorite: the Sea Mud Soap!

Laszlo is not only a brand of skincare products that you see  in America’s top shops, like Neiman Marcus. It is also a physical institute, located in Manhattan’s SoHO neighborhood. And what makes the brand even more exclusive is the fact that it is for members only!

How does it work? If you aren’t a member, you can’t go, period. But, they do have guest policies, for those of us not fortunate enough to count ourselves as members. No cold calling for an appointment allowed. What is this membership all about? Well, for an annual $3,000 per year, you can have unlimited access to Laszlo treatments, serums, peels, and more.

Are you trying to get rid of wrinkles without the physical distress of plastic surgery? Most recently, Laszlo launched the Transphuse Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol, a 28-day (at home) program featuring a breakthrough bio-complex formula that begins working at the core of skin’s cellular energy to disrupt senescence – the process of biological aging – and accelerate healthy cell turnover. This highly active formula inhibits progerin, the “age toxin,” to delay the signs of aging, boost cell renewal and rejuvenate the skin.Rapidly energizing skin’s renewal mechanisms, this proprietary program steadily boosts cellular strength to transform skin while dramatically diminishing wrinkles and fine lines with three powerful, breakthrough bio-complexes: BioCellessence, RapidGen and Hydra Skin Complex. When used for four consecutive weeks, skin is totally renewed with improvement in texture, tone, luster, strength, elasticity and depth of expression lines and wrinkles.

Available at,The Institute—Erno Laszlo, Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus for $550.00
Available at,The Institute—Erno Laszlo, Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus for $550.00.