Fashion Talk: Meet Four of the Hautest Swimwear Designers on the Market

Swimwear Heaven
Swimwear Heaven

In Miami, they should call Swim Week, Swim Year, considering our weather permits a full time wardrobe based around elegant pool-chicness.

Over this past month, I have come across four new-ish brands that struck my attention: Basta Surf, Peixoto, Flagpole Swim and Maaji.

I took a moment to reach out to swimwear designers Emily Ford and Samantha August, the girls behind Basta, as well as Mauricio Esquenazi, the gent behind Peixoto, Jaime Barker and Megan Balch of Flagpole Swim and Head Designer Juliana Londono, Lingerie Designer Nani Valenzuela and Co-owner Amalia Sierra of Maaji, to find out a bit about their personal taste, pertaining to their respective brands and beyond….


What is a material you could not live without besides from Lycra in the swim design world?

Basta Surf: Cotton gauze! It’s so light and airy; nothing feels like summer quite like this.

Peixoto: Besides all the trims used to make a swimsuit, I would have to say the spandex fabric is the only material that I could not live without. (Lycra applies for only Lycra(c) certified fabrics, which Peixoto uses)

Flagpole Swim: We could not live without silk jersey. There is nothing like wearing a cozy sweater after a long day at the beach.

Maaji: We love nylon mesh!


An Array of Full Pieces by Basta!
An Array of Full Pieces by Basta!

Full piece or bikini?

BS: A bikini for now!

P: Today, you can get so creative with one-pieces and create such sexy, yet classic and timeless designs!

FPS: We have both been rocking the one pieces’ lately. It’s fun trying something new.

M: The bikinis are more tan friendly, but we love novel one pieces!


2015 Runway
2015 Runway

If you could envision your brand on a ‘muse’ that it has not yet been on, who would that person be?

BS: This is so tough because we have had an incredible response from beautiful women in Hollywood, music and models alike BUT I would love to see Kate Moss, Rihanna or Giselle…….I could go on………

P: Blake Lively – active lifestyle, sexy but not crossing the line.

FPS: We love Zoe Saldana. She has always had effortlessly sophisticated style with the perfect touch of sexy.

M: Our favorite muses are our #realmermaids – our followers on Instagram feed us so much inspiration!


Peixoto's Creative Director - Designer
Peixoto’s Creative Director – Designer

Who is your dream collaboration with?

BS: I would say Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci or Michael Kors because this is where my career started and where my roots were planted.

P: I would say Andy Warhol. I love his use of color and the style that is consistent through all his work.

FPS: A Mansur Gavriel X Flagpole Swim beach bag!!

M: We would definitely love to work with Missoni someday.


Jaime Barker & Megan Balch, the Ladies Behind Flagpole Swim
Jaime Barker & Megan Balch, the Ladies Behind Flagpole Swim

Currently inspired by?

BS: Travels to India. Rich colors and prints that surround us.

P: I find inspiration in women… how they dress, behave and move… that’s how I find inspiration for the silhouettes.

FPS: We are always inspired by women leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

M: Derby and countryside surreal stories.


Nani Valenzuela & Juliana Londono, The Ladies of Maaji
Nani Valenzuela & Juliana Londono, The Ladies of Maaji

If you are not wearing your respective swimwear brand, you are wearing…

BS: Isabel Marant, Stella Jean, Mother of Pearl are some of my warm weather favorites.

P: Soon enough I will be able to wear my own swimwear brand, but right now Peixoto only offers women’s swim…. but to answer the question – I like to find new and non-mainstream swimsuits that offer a timeless look with something fun, yet minimalist.

FPS: Lisa Marie Fernandez, we love the sporty element that she includes into a lot of her styles.

M: We are Handsome or Mara Hoffman, but we would love to be wearing Zimmerman as well.



Sold in Miami, NY & Prominent Websites?

Basta Surf:

Miami –

The Webster

NY –


Online –


Miami – 

Atikshop, Brickell

Jessie Boutique, Miami Beach

Nikki Beach, Miami Beach

Splash at Loews Hotel, Miami Beach

Cavalier, Coral Gables

Exhale Spa, EPIC Hotel, Miami

NY –

Azaleas – NYC

Pesca Trend – NYC

Laina Jane – NYC

Island Surf – Westhampton

Online – 





Flagpole Swim:

National –


Online –


National –


Nic Del Mar

National –