Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards is one busy lady, but as you can imagine (and have probably seen on Bravo) she’s keeping it real. The reality star is not only preparing to return to TV this fall for her fifth season of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” but also coping with her recent diagnosis of Chronic Dry Eye syndrome and having daughter Alexia leave the nest for college.  We sat down with Richards to chat about the upcoming season, what beauty products she absolutely can’t live without and the drama that will inevitably take place in the 90210 this fall.

You always look impeccable on the show and in photos. What’s your secret – and what are your go-to beauty products?  

I had to use waterproof mascara because of my Dry Eye diagnosis. I had to wipe away my mascara and always ended up ruining my makeup on the show. Now that’s no longer a problem.  My mascara is Benefit’s They’re Real, which I love; I also love L’oreal’s Voluminous. I’m a mascara fanatic. I try pretty much everything. My favorite foundation is Makeup Forever’s High Def and The Balm’s Hot Mama is one of my favorite things that I couldn’t live without.

What’s the most outrageous beauty treatment you’ve ever had?

My facial by Carina’s Facial Studio. After having it on the show, it’s on every single talk show; it’s even showing on TMZ. It looks ridiculous—like Hannibal Lechter attached to a mask—but [the electric current facial] does make you look younger and tighten your muscles. I also do microderm abrasion, and that to keep me as young as possible.

The good word is that you’ve made up with Lisa Vanderpump. What prompted the peace?

Right now we’re OK We’re a work in progress. There are a lot of feelings that have been hurt. In the past, I’ve felt that, and she’s felt that. We have a  lot of working through things, but we’re OK. [The situation with Lisa] is stressful, and I don’t need any more stress in my life—I sent my daughter off to college today. It’s been torture.

Your show is getting two new characters this season. How is it changing the dynamic between the ladies?

I’ve been friends with these two women [Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson]; one more than the other. It’s interesting to see because it’s not easy for them coming into this environment with all of us that have gone throughs so much together. We’re still dealing with the things form last season and repairing relationships we’ve damaged—some are not salvageable, to be honest.

Tell us about this diagnosis of Chronic Dry Eye [a syndrome that occurs when your tears aren’t able to provide adequate moisture for your eyes]. 

I’ve mainly started noticing [the syndrome] during my first season because I had to rely on artificial tears. I would see the commercials and think, ‘I don’t have that.’ I was becoming more and more dependent on artificial tears before I went to see my doctor and was diagnosed with Chronic Dry Eye. I’ve been using Restasis ever since and having great results. I’m also much more comfortable.