Delano Las Vegas Debuts a 126,000-Pound Boulder


Delano Las Vegas debuts next week and the resort with the South Beach style includes elements of the Mojave Desert to create a memorable arrival experience in an atmosphere that embraces the surrounding landscape. Upon arrival into the hotel, guests will discover the desert inspiration as they walk between a 126,000-pound boulder that was carefully and painstakingly divided in half.

The installation acts as a decompression chamber, encouraging guests to pass through the divided boulder and transition into a serene environment. Delano’s design team scoured the desert to find the perfect boulder, choosing one with an impeccable color palette of yellow, orange and gray to complement the lobby design. Natural patterns seen in the veins of the stone make it an art piece in itself.

About the boulder:
·         More than 150 million years old and composed of metaquartzite
·         One half weighs 77,000 pounds and the other weighs 49,000 pounds
·         In total, measures 4’6” – 5’ in depth, 12’ in length, and 8’10” in height
·         Required a 240-ton hydraulic crane to lift itonto a truck for transport and delivery to Delano
·         Locally sourced from Jean, Nevada