6 Cool New Ways to Wear Diamonds

You can never really get enough diamonds, right? But once you’ve got the big engagement ring, assorted earrings, iced-out watches, necklaces and tennis bracelets, what’s next? Surprise— there are many cool new ways to wear diamonds, everybody’s favorite gemstone. Fine jewelry is taking an entirely new twist.


1. Earcuffs


This look has a bad-girl edge, but when paired with classical designs it makes the perfect statement: “I’m rich and cool.” We like this “Stardust” earcuff from Barneys.com. 


2. Brooches


Brooches aren’t for little old ladies anymore. They are enjoying a bit of a renaissance by young actresses who have had endless fun thinking of new places to pin them: scarves, by the waist, in the hair — really anywhere.

The best thing about these pieces are that you’ve already got one you inherited an never wore.


3. 1st Joint Rings


This one by Dionea Orcini is designed to be worn on both the first joint and in the normal spot, but it does show that the first joint is getting more and more love of late. Rings not often seen worn there alone, but rather as a maximalist stacking statement of putting on lots and lots of rings, the way Lourde and other stars have been doing.


4. Headpieces


This trend can be a bit bridal, we admit it. Especially the phenomenon of taking a giant diamond pendant necklace and putting it around  your head like Kim Kardashian at wedding one for marriage number two. But still, we like it, and there are ways around being out-and-out matrimonial— refer to number 2— brooches in your hair.


5. Face creams


Skin creams with diamond powder have been all the rage for some time. While the jury is still out as to whether its the diamonds that make the difference, creams like Natura Bisse’s Diamond Extreme really do work to reduce wrinkles.



6. Sunglasses



You have to be careful with this one. If executed incorrectly, diamonds on eyeglasses could be a bit Liberace, but if done right, like on these aviator-cool Gucci frames, it’s a lot of fun. Just don’t leave them by the water’s edge.