Miami’s Newest Secret Exposed: Drunken Dragon

Drunken Dragon
Inside Drunken Dragon


In order to be a Miami insider, you have to know the right people and swing in the appropriate circles. For the Haute Living family, that is never a problem. Over the past two weeks, the buzz among our circles was focused on a new incredible Korean BBQ in a very unsuspecting location on Miami Beach; a shopping center mired in Alton Road construction. The space looks like a run down old convenience store that was shut down. There is no signage or sign of life whatsoever. But once you open that door be prepared to enter another world, beautifully decorated, buzzing with delicious food and a hip clientele.

Drunken Dragon, the latest project of Angel Febres, Jarred Grant, Navin Chatani and Conrad Gomez, the brains behind multiple Miami Beach institutions including Foxhole, have just brought Miami the most ridiculously perfect dining option. Bon appetite, and you can always say, you heard it here at Haute Living first!

Fries at Drunken Dragon
Fries with housemade spicy ketchup and herbed aioli

HL: Explain this fabulous design?

CG: The design was handled out of Los Angeles, a firm called Studio Collective. We wanted lots of wood, and Asian bondage. The whole project took a year to complete.

HL: When did you think of opening in Miami?

CG: The idea came up nine years ago. We decided to execute and make it happen because we noticed we were sending our Foxhole clients to other restaurants to eat. That’s how it began.

HL: Inspiration for menu?

CG: The menu, is Izacaya style cuisine. We wanted Korean BBQ, easy Asian tapas that we all loved, and we wanted to collaborate and bring it to the beach.

HL: The name Drunken Dragon?

CG: We wanted an gastro-pub and Asian tavern. It is such a cool name, right?

HL: And last but not least, tell us about the Chef.

CG: His name is Xavier Torres and he came from Zuma, Nobu and the Dutch. He uses spices that the beach hasn’t seen before.



Drunken Dragon is open till midnight on weekdays, and till 3 a.m. on weekends.

1424 Alton Road, Miami Beach. 33139. (305) 397 – 8556