Burgess Reveals H2 Designed Turquoise Yacht Update

Burgess Yachts, the world’s premiere superyacht brokerage firm and the only one ever awarded the mucho-prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise, added an exciting new addition to its already formidable fleet. The 182-foot super yacht “Turquoise” unveiled a snazzy new look, making dramatic changes to a number of its already impressive features. Helmed by H2 Yacht Design, the boat got itself the ever-necessarry sun roof re-design as well as an entirely new luxurious interior. Targeted at “experienced charterers,” Turquoise offers a great way to have friends over, take the family out, bake in the sun, or host formal events.

“Our customers tend to be repeat business,” says Burgess Communications Director Alev Karagulle, “These our charterers experienced enough to know what they are looking for in a boat. A foodie might be very particular about the catering. Someone who loves action would want it to be stocked with jet skis. Turquoise is appealing to charterers that know what they want. Even children are catered to on this beauty of a boat.”

So, Turquoise proves an attractive yacht, whether you are a playboy sailing in tow with beautiful women or a settled down family with many kids.

Every activity under the sun (pun intended) is better when on a brand spanking new, redesigned beautiful yacht. If you like watching movies, you’ll like it better on a yacht. Do you like water sports? I bet you’ll like them more attached to your yacht. Do you like getting drunk and pigging out? Ditto, yacht. Turquoise allows you to do all your favorite activities from the comfort of your huge yacht.
It seems having a really huge and beautiful sea mansion isn’t enough anymore, and yachters want their boats spruced up with designer flourishes permeating throughout the interior of the craft. Turquoise is not lacking in said flourishes. The reception area already decked out in “relaxing” palettes of turquoise tones as well as silver, grey, and white is enhanced by glossy Ebony Macassar wood. Ralph Lauren coffee tables and floor lamps sit around the main saloon. Silk curtains, Roman blinds. Calvin Klein scatter cushions and customized hand tufted wool carpets complete the theme of modern elegance. Why all the designer flourishes and toned down color patterning?

“It was all inspired by the H2 Yacht Design, which the owners quite liked,” says Karagulle, “It’s quite modern and doesn’t rely on bright colors. H2 tends to not go that way. They use more textures to shake it up.”

And what is a luxury superyacht sans extra? Exactly, not much. Luckily, turquoise is loaded to the brim with extras. There is a large inventory of water toys including two two-man waverunners, Seabobs, waterskis, kayaks, and for the kids a protected sea pool, trampoline and water slide, paddle boards, snorkeling gear and more. Perhaps most impressive is the outdoor cinema lead up to from the main saloon complete with widescreen tv and modern furniture. If you get bored on this thing you probably just aren’t much of a water person.