Apparently, Jaguar Drivers are a Happy Bunch of Consumers. Who Knew?


Overall, Jaguar owners are more than happy to express their opinions towards their cars, and evidently those feelings are overwhelmingly positive. Whether it be the vehicle itself, the company, or their dealership experience, Jaguar customers report being pretty happy consumers.

According to an online survey conducted last month, Jag drivers conveyed feeling lucky, special, and even envied for owning a Jaguar automobile.

The Car and Its Future
The survey was the result of interviews with 3,896 Jaguar drivers. Of those drivers, 80 percent revealed that they felt that the brand had improved in the last three years, 30 percent felt that it had improved massively so. Additionally, on an interval scale, 32 percent rated Jaguar as a company “10 out of 10” while 84 percent gave the company an “eight out of 10” or higher.

In regard to the company being acquired by India-based automaker Tata, 44 percent of the owners conveyed that it meant a “brighter future” for Jaguar, 32 percent felt that the automobiles were “better cars,” and 22% said that there is now a “better range” of vehicles available. In stranger statistics, 26 percent of the surveyed users felt that the change in ownership was “slightly sad.”

Jaguar owners, predominantly male (94 percent) and over 50 (86 percent), are a loyal bunch of blokes; 30 percent of them have owned four or more of the British-engineered cars.


The 3,896 respondents expressed various sentiments when asked how they felt towards owning their Jaguars.  Thirty-eight percent  said that they felt “lucky”; 28% expressed feeling “very special,” and 26% stated that they felt “advantaged.”  A significant portion (22 percent) felt “envied” for being an owner, and 14 percent indicated that they felt as if they “had arrived.”  A small portion of participants, less than 10 percent, actually felt that being Jaguar owners made them feel “wise.” In conclusion, the date given by the survey indicates that generally, Jaguars fill their owners with a sense of pride consistent with what a driver would want from a luxury vehicle.

Looking at the retail aspect of the survey, owners felt welcomed (46 percent), comfortable (33 percent),  and appreciated (26 percent) by the dealership where they purchased their car. However, with that said, only 44 percent claimed to have had their Jaguar serviced by the dealer.

“Jaguar has clearly got it right. Their models, their dealers and their image have all been rated highly by Jaguar owners. Clearly ownership is not an issue. As ever it is the cars a manufacturer sells, and how they treat customers, which really counts,” said a spokesperson from