A Plentitude of Energy: Dom Perignon



If boldness can be bottled, then Dom Pérignon has done it. The world’s most famous Champagne brand recently released P2, its luxurious, high-tech new creation. A vintage that’s 16 years in the making, P2 embodies the precise moment – or plénitude – when the wine reaches its ultimate expression. This ultra-premium Champagne pops from the bottle with vivid intensity and energy.  But taste isn’t the only brazen characteristic of P2: its packaging is eye-catching as well. Its new, brushed-aluminum box, in a deep matte, can be described as “art de vivre”; it is quietly subdued, letting the Champagne itself become the focus. With the P2, a new luxury of uniqueness appears, bringing its taste and presentation to an elegant matrix of the avant-garde. So pop a bottle, pour a glass, and get ready to transcend the boundaries of time.