The LaFerrari Yacht is Even Sweeter than its Namesake Auto

La Ferrari Yacht

Inspired by the LaFerrari hybrid sports car, this extravagant yacht packs an insane amount of power in the form of twin 900 horsepower engines that can evaporate water on contact.

Armed with the ability of slicing through waves like a well-sharpened blade, the $4 million watercraft touts a deck reinforced with carbon fiber along with military grade protective materials, while its engine room features fitted diamond plate flooring panels.

The exceptional boat’s onboard infotainment system has five flat screens, several Blu-Ray players and a touchscreen remote that also controls the lighting. Beside boasting panoramic views, the F70 look-a-like also has a hydraulic garage, and a retractable 42-inch TV. Carbon fiber tables and overhead LED lights coupled with a chrome accentuated master cabin lend its sports car tenor.

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